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Provider Credentialing

Physician certification and provider enrollment are two of the biggest issues influencing health systems' reimbursement. Few hospitals have enough staff to onboard, credential, and enroll new physicians, making enrollment with several payers in numerous states a time-consuming procedure.

Claims will be rejected whether or not they were filed appropriately if anything is missed throughout the credentialing and enrolling processes.

Top causes of credentialing denials include:
  • Verifications of payor credentials that don't line up with what was stated and provided on the provider application
  • Failure of the provider to release restrictions, prohibitions, or negative acts
  • Payor unable to confirm training programme completion

When you work with iMagnum, our educated, committed team will keep you informed of any changes to payer standards, allowing you to stay on top of your duties. You'll also have access to the premier credentialing software in the market, which offers improved reporting and monitoring.

Medical Coding

The federal government, medical boards, state governments, and many other regulatory bodies all have regulations governing the subject of medical coding.

For every doctor or facility, dealing with issues with documentation, medical billing, or coding is inevitable.

The primary difficulties with documentation and coding were
  • Verifications of payor credentials that don't line up with what was stated and provided on the provider application
  • Failure of the provider to release restrictions, prohibitions, or negative acts
  • Payor unable to confirm training programme completion

iMagnum Healthcare Solutions understands that, has now started to vigorously adopt RCM tech with automation and Machine Learning. From Large hospitals, Medical centers to individual Providers are looking to match the payer’s complex rules and regulations process with such tech.

Reach us to talk about the most comprehensive Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) Tool

Medical Billing

Many providers have problems throughout the billing process and are driven to search for solutions in order to adapt and thrive. Typical problems with medical billing

  • Low Staff Productivity
  • Not Receiving Payments on Time
  • Missing Billing Tools

Tips for Increasing Medical Billing
  • Use iMagnum’s structured approach to better your revenue cycle
  • Plan and outsource the difficult part of the Accounts Receivable to iMagnum
  • We assure to increase clean claim which in turn will help speedy cash inflow
Accounts Receivable & Follow up

Today's medical practices confront a number of difficult issues, one of which is maintaining a healthy bottom line. Here are four typical RCM issues that medical offices encounter and how iMagnum may assist.

  • While practices want to increase their revenue, they don't want to start over with brand-new, unproven technology
  • Solution: By seamlessly integrating modern revenue cycle software with already-existing technology, iMagnum's integrative RCM methodology enables medical practises to deploy new workflows and solutions for improvement without making significant or expensive modifications.

  • Many firms lack an inside specialist who can handle the time-consuming effort of staying on top of regulatory changes and new needs.
  • Solution: Utilize our knowledge, which is current with all regulatory changes and provides useful compliance and performance solutions.

  • Practices lack a clear picture of how well their RCM is doing.
  • Solution: By increasing transparency, iMagnum will improve a practice's RCM performance. Offering practices access to our AR Management tool, for instance, allows them to drill down into their results whenever they want, view highly visual reports that give practice leaders and doctors a comprehensive view of performance at a glance, and provide points of contact who regularly review performance with key insights to inform improvement action plans.







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